Sunday, October 21, 2012

Her Price is Steel

"Her Price is Steel" by Marcus Ranum

So I've been lightly interested in Gor for some years. Mostly it's the intensity, the rules and seriousness. But a few months ago I worked with Marcus for the first time, and he gave me the first three books in the series. Long story short I didn't read them, though the second book found it's way back into my hands recently. Against my desire to skip ahead a book, I started reading it anyway. Within a few chapters of Outlaws of Gor, our protagonist finds himself in a situation of rescuing a beautiful girl from slavers who have been hunting her. He claims her as his to them, and tells them that they can have her if they pay her price. "And her price?" they ask, "Her price is steel" he responds as he draws his sword.

Now, it's easy to look at me and what I'm saying and be like, shit, you're a fuckin nerd, do you hear what you're talking about? But what girl hasn't secretly dreamt of a time and space where men actually defended women. What part of collars and chains and slavery and muscles and power and sex and blood isn't fucking hot? That statement is saying, this girl is  mine and if you want her, you'll have to kill me. That's some dedication. That's some serious kind of love and masculinity.

It's fantasy love. It's perfect love.

I love possesion. I love the words "you're mine" or "she's mine". There's so much power and safety in them.

I want to belong. And that includes to a person.

Well, in my ideal fantasy world, I do. I have yet to come across a man who could (or wanted) to deal with me, tame me. He probably doesn't exist and it's more like I have to tame myself and build myself into that woman that that kind of man would actually want.

But whatever, the point is, BDSM is a beautiful thing.

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